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MATICES TRADICIONAL is a Latin ensemble that focuses on researching and preserving traditional music of the Americas. In their concerts they performa a wide variety of rhythms and styles, including music from the Andes, South America, Central and North America, and the Caribbean. 

Drawing from the vast knowledge of its members, Matices Tradicional offers workshops and clinics ranging from sikus (pan pipes) making to clinics on Afro-Latin percussions (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Perú, etc.). 

Freddy Vilches (Chile) provides lead vocals, strings, flutes, and composes most of their original material, while Nelson Morales (Cuba) provides piano and back up vocals. Adrian Baxter (USA) on flute and sax, Nico Vilches (Chile-USA) on keyboards, bass and vocals, Felipe Cartagena (Chile) on Andean flutes,  Iván Villalobos (Chile) on Latin American wind and string instruments, and Samuel Becerra on traditional instruments from Central and North America.

Samuel Becerra (Mexico)

Felipe Cartagena (Chile)

Freddy Vilches (Chile)

Nico Vilches (Chile-USA)

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-25 at 10.36.32 AM.jpeg

Iván Villalobos (Chile)

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