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South American Suite

Composed by Freddy O. Vilches

Orchestral arrangements by Lance Inouye

This composition features instruments, rhythms. and music styles from South America. 


An orchestral suite composed by Freddy O. Vilches

This suite features musical traditions from five regions in Latin America: The Andes, Venezuela and Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba.


The Suite consists of five movements that integrate different styles of music to the orchestral format and feature rhythms, melodies, and instruments from each musical region.

Matices (Shades of Color) is a piece inspired by the music of the Andes in South America. It features the sounds of antara and zampoña flutes, along with the charango, a small 10 string instrument from the Andes. It combines several South American rhythms, including bailecito from Bolivia, chamamé from Argentina, and cueca and cachimbo from Chile.

En la Llanura (On the Plains) takes its inspiration from the music of the plains of Venezuela and Colombia. This piece combines the lively sounds of joropo in contrast with the more mellow, waltz-like rhythm called pasaje. It features the sound of the Venezuelan cuatro and maracas.

Camino Secreto (Secret Road/Journey) combines samba and bossa nova rhythms from Brazil. It features the sound of the Brazilian guitar and bossa nova harmonic progressions combined with jazzy melodies and solos.

Latin American Suite was funded in part by 

Logo, Regional Arts & Culture Council
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